About Your Appointment

Thank you for choosing Eyes and Eyelids to provide your eye care and surgery.  We look forward to welcoming you into our beautiful, custom-designed, eye clinic and theatre.

Getting here:  Eyes and Eyelids is located at 1 St Marks Rd, Remuera, Auckland 1050

By taxi:  Please ask your taxi driver to come into the car park entrance and drop you off just outside the building.

By train:  We are located approximately 400m from the Newmarket train station. When exiting the station onto Remuera Road, turn left and continue up the street until you reach St Marks Rd. We are on the right, just past the daycare. 

By car:  We have several car parks outside the clinic.  We do request that you move your car from the car park once your appointment is completed, as parking is limited.

Keep in touch: If you’re having trouble finding us, or are being held up by travel issues, please call us on 09- 2221828 and let us know.

Learn more in our FAQs section below.

What can I expect at my clinic appointment?

If you are attending the clinic for a problem with your vision, or require a retinal or optic nerve evaluation, you may require dilating drops in your eyes for the assessment.  These drops make your vision blurry for approximately two hours and many people do not feel comfortable driving afterwards.

Evaluations for other problems, such as eyelid conditions, do not usually require any dilating drops.

How long do I allow for the clinic appointment?

Most routine appointments take less than 30 mins.  In some cases, the time is longer as additional testing may be required, dilating drops (that take 20mins to become effective) may be used, or a procedure may be recommended the same day.  In these cases, you may be at our practice for up to 90mins.  Please advise at the time of your arrival if you have time constraints on that day.

What should I bring to my appointment?

To ensure your appointment runs smoothly, please arrive on time to fill in any necessary paperwork. Please also bring the referral from your GP or optometrist if you have one, your health insurance details, a list of your current medications and sunglasses (in case your pupils are dilated during your appointment). 

What can I expect when I book in for eye surgery?

If a surgical procedure is recommended for you, then your doctor will give you details about the surgery itself and you will be asked to fill in a preoperative assessment form.  One of our nurses will call you a week prior to your surgery to discuss with you any special instructions, such as the need to fast before the operation, and give you your arrival time for surgery.

Surgery at Eyes and Eyelids is performed under local anaesthetic but sedation may be given.  If you require sedation you will need to arrange for someone to drive you home and stay with you after the operation.

What do I need to arrange with my insurer?

If you are a Southern Cross member, please bring your policy number with you or provide it in advance.  We are affiliated with Southern Cross and can handle your claims on your behalf, so in many cases you do not need prior approval. 

Most other insurance companies will require prior approval before any surgical procedure or allow you to pay “up front” and apply for reimbursement after. If you are unsure of your policy requirements, please check with your company.